Focused, Frugal & Fun for (F)all


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
(Mark Twain)

The first few days of October are behind us and I am excited to carry the momentum from a few great days into the rest of this month. In my last post I shared my 3 Fs for the fall season—focused, frugal & fun. Here are the ways I plan on practicing my Fs this month: Focused My eyes are bigger than my stomach and my ambition is bigger than my calendar. In order to keep myself from biting off more than I can chew, I am focusing on these key ingredients this month:

  • Healthy Eating embrace fruits, veggies and tea—no chips & salsa and no coffee

  • Better Living develop my yoga routine—meet with the mat at least twice a week

  • Calm Blogging get serious about time management—give myself time to write my posts, catch up on my google reader and comment on other blogs

  • Positive Thinking the wonderful City Girl blogged about it and got me thinking—no matter what, positivity is always better than negativity

Frugal Inspired by fab bloggers Belle Renee and My Pretty Pennies—I am buckling down this month. It's a good time to save money. I have a few weekend trips planned, but nothing too extravagant. Halloween will be fun on a budget because it will force me to come up with a creative costume. Oh, and did I mention I have given up trips to Target this month?

Fun What would a focused and frugal month be without a little fun?! I am determined more than ever to bring more sparkle into my life. Here are a few ways I plan on enjoying life and being festive this fall:

Artist dates, book baths, matinee movies, magazine collages, snail mail love, baked goods, savory soups, autumn scented candles, journal writing, joy diet, painted toenails, grey’s anatomy nights and sipping on wine!

As I write this, I am getting excited about this very enjoyable and productive month! Do you have ideas on how you can be more focused, frugal and fun this fall season?