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A Week in October

After a month of seeking subtlety, I've opened my arms and embraced October with a warm welcome! Fall has arrived, the final quarter of 2010 is here, and I feel ready. My intentions for September included speaking mindfully, drinking tea, practicing yoga and reading a few good books...

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Looking Back to Look Forward

The middle of 2010 has come and gone, yet I'm finding it hard to believe that half the year is behind us. For weeks, I've been referring to February like it wasn't that long ago—and I'm still finding myself writing 2009 at the top of my journal. Time is a tricky creature that I've let run wild for the first part of this year...

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Hello February!

Another turn of the calendar and a fresh new month. I disappeared last month as January flew by—you might have noticed that I rarely blogged, tweeted or connected with you lovely souls. I missed our community and am looking forward to getting back into the flow. Some of you already know about my news from yesterday...

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2010: A Year of Intention & Resolve

I may be a bit tardy in presenting my resolutions, but I figure there's still plenty of time with 350-ish days left in 2010. As I planned my intentions for the year, I thought of ways to begin living my ideal life. An ordinary, yet completely fantastic, everyday existence. Keeping in mind that the journey is much more important than the destination, this year I resolve to...

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Happy 2010!

Here's to an abundant year full of sparkle and joy. After an 11 day break from reality, I am preparing to settle into old routines while creating new ones. Like many, I've thought of a word for 2010 and decided on a few resolutions. Over the course of this week I will share with you my thoughts on 2009 and my plans for the upcoming year...

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December Goals

December is one of my favorite months. It's 31 days full of cheerful commercials, Christmas music and thoughtful gifts. A season of laughter, glitter, sweet treats and holiday cards. A time to tie up loose ends and prepare for a new year. An opportunity for family gatherings, parties with friends and romantic moments...

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My Goals from 2 Years Ago

I was recently catching up on emails and organizing the files on my computer when I came across a document I haven't seen for 2 years. These are the fresh thoughts of a recent-graduate just entering the workforce. Some goals have changed since then, but others are an eerily accurate picture of where I want to be in the next 8 years...

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November Goals

As I consider my goals and priorities in November, the prevailing thought that comes to mind is of gratitude. This goes nicely with the spirit of Thanksgiving, but I think it's more than just good timing. As you may remember, my theme for fall is staying focused, frugal and fun. I plan on continuing the 3 Fs theme into this month, building on the progress I have made so far...

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Where Did September Go?

It is hard to believe we are already saying goodbye to September. A part 
of me feels like holding on tightly to a month that rushed by without 
a proper hello, but another part is welcoming October with open arms. September was a great month overall, but there are definitely things I want to work on. Moving forward, I am looking at this month as an opportunity to
 embrace being focused, frugal and fun.

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