Where Did September Go?

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.
(Margaret Lee Runbeck)

It is hard to believe we are already saying goodbye to September. A part 
of me wants to hold on tightly to a month that rushed by without 
a proper hello, but another part is welcoming October with open arms.

This past month got off to an interesting start–I spent the first few 
days preparing for a week long trip to Las Vegas and Arizona. The vacation itself was 
full of exciting adventures, friends and family. But, consistent with
 the rest of our travels this year, our agenda was busting at the
 seams. While flying home on the red-eye, I vowed our next
 vacation would be on a beach, in a cabin, or somewhere equally relaxing

By the time I settled back into my routine, 
September was half over. The second part of the month went by quickly. I launched my blog, joined an online book
club, participated in a tea trade and enjoyed a teleclass. All of these extra (and amazing) activities have
 turned my regular life on its head. Coming home from work at night has become a new
 adventure. There are so many wonderful
 things I want to dive into and accomplish. It is really exciting and totally overwhelming at the same time.

September was a great month overall, but there are definitely things I want to work on. A little car trouble left me spending more money than normal and I didn't practice yoga at all. There is always room for improvement and the start of a new month is a great time to shift gears. Moving forward into fall, I am looking at October as an opportunity to
 embrace being focused, frugal and fun.

I will update you in a few days with my plan to implement my 3 Fs for the fall season, but in the meantime please tell me–what do you plan on embracing this October?