2010: A Year of Intention & Resolve

I may be a bit tardy in presenting my resolutions, but I figure there's still plenty of time with 350-ish days left in 2010. In addition to my modern girl's manifesta, there are a number of things I want to focus on this year.

As I planned my intentions for 2010, I thought of ways to begin living my ideal life. An ordinary, yet completely fantastic, everyday existence. Keeping in mind that it's the journey (not the destination) that matters, I resolve to:

practice yoga weekly

be kind to the girl in the mirror

eat with the intention to fuel my body

support my spine by sitting and standing up straight

wear my hair down more often

treat money with respect

consider tomorrow when spending today

enjoy time with friends and family

embrace my mister with love and kindness

adore my art & writing

relish every bit of my creative being

send invisible parcels of love into the ether

This year's resolutions are much more abstract than normal, but I am tired of setting out to lose 10 pounds. It's a new decade and certainly a good time to adjust my goal-setting strategy. By incorporating these resolutions in my daily routine, I will be well on my way to living the life of my dreams.