Hello February!


Stuff happens. We dance with it. The better & happier you dance, the better you do.
(Seth Godin)

Hello February, another turn of the calendar and a fresh new month. I disappeared last month as January flew by—you might have noticed that I rarely blogged, tweeted or connected with you lovely souls. I missed our community and am looking forward to getting back into the flow.

Some of you already know about my news from yesterday—I am excited to announce that after 2.5 years with the same company, I am moving onto bigger and better things!

Quitting my job was difficult, especially since I'm not one to retreat or give up. I knew that leaving would be a challenge, but I didn't expect to learn so much through the process. The experience taught me about the fine line between loyalty and self-preservation. I am thrilled with my decision and will happily share more details as things progress.

With the rest of the week to myself, I am planning on cleaning my apartment, getting my haircut and enjoying some quiet time for reflection. Everyone is on their own time-line and for whatever reason, last month was at warp speed. This month, I am setting a few attainable intentions that will help me build the stage for a fantastic 2010!

Intentions for February

  • revamp my wardrobe by adding a a few fantastic basics and classy accessories

  • reconnect with my routine by sticking to a bedtime and working out 3 times a week

  • reengage my creative juices by blogging more and indulging in artist dates

It seems as though there's a theme around revamping, reconnecting and reengaging. Perhaps my overarching goal for February is to nurture myself with love, positive energy and productivity.

What are a few of your intentions for February? I would be so grateful if you shared how you plan on nurturing your soul during this love-filled month.

Photo: Jackie