4 Simple Goals (Before 2011...)

I recently stumbled upon Elsie Flannigan's creatively delightful blog, A Beautiful Mess and her 4 Simple Goals project. The premise is simple, inspiring and collaborative—just the kind of thing that I adore! My 4 Simple Goals focus on ways to make each day an extraordinary adventure.  If you're interested in sharing, I would love to read your 4 Simple Goals and support you in pursuing them!

1. Express my style, inside & out. Graduating from college, living in 3 states and having 2 jobs with very different corporate cultures in the last 4 years has wrecked havoc on my closet. It's time to seek looks that are comfortable, stylish and indicative of my personality. I've been wanting to take on this project for awhile, and I can't wait to start shopping!

2. Try out new recipes. I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but it's easy to put cooking on the back burner with so many delicious restaurants nearby. As the cooler months approach, I'm looking forward to getting re-inspired by fall flavors. Who knows, I might even try my hand at baking!

3. Create space for a daily meditation practice. When I first moved to Raleigh, my best friend gave me the book Sit Down and Shut Up by Brad Warner. At that time, I knew no one and had plenty of time to sit with myself. I really got into meditation, but let my practice slip once I made friends and got busy with work. Like many of you, my hope is to find a middle path.

4. Sweat more often. This one's extra simple. I believe that wellness is a part of a happy and balanced life. My goal is to get back to an exercise routine that leaves me feeling energized, strong and healthy.