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#Reverb11 Mini Muses - Struggle, Discover, Remember

Hello lovelies, I hope you've had a wonderful week! I'm finally feeling better after catching an annoying winter cold. As I mentioned, I'm approaching Reverb differently this year. Instead of posting for each prompt, I'm writing in my journal first. Letting the thoughts come unedited, then cleaning them up a bit before publishing. It's been such a great exercise...

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#Reverb11Kaileen Sues
Creative Weekend To-Do List

Hello & happy weekend! This week has been filled with interesting shifts and wonderful surprises. The Twitter & blog circles I swim within are bubbling over with #reverb11 energy. I am so impressed with how the community as a whole has adapted to the change in circumstances. We happen to be quite the sparkly, resilient and supportive bunch — if I do say so myself...

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Let's Reverb 2011

December 2010 was memorable. Alongside Gwen Bell and Cali Harris, I poured my heart into a passion project we called Reverb 10. It was an online community initiative with daily prompts for the entire month. Yesterday, in a message to the Reverb subscriber list, Gwen explained she won't be hosting Reverb this year. Instead, she shared how we did it. Now you can host...

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