Creative Weekend To-Do List

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There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologize for your enthusiasm. Never. Ever. Never. (Ryan Adams)

Hello & happy weekend!

This week has been filled with interesting shifts and wonderful surprises. The Twitter & blog circles I swim within are bubbling over with #reverb11 energy. I am so impressed with how the community as a whole has adapted to the change in circumstances. We happen to be quite the sparkly, resilient and supportive bunch — if I do say so myself.

Are you wondering, what the heck is a reverb? To find out, dive on in to Twitter with the #reverb11 hashtag ... or read take on it here.

Are you thinking about joining #reverb11, but wondering if you are too late? The water's a perfect temperature, and there are cups of hot chocolate in the cabin for those of you who prefer not to splash around in the winter.

Holiday vacation imagery aside, this weekend is a perfect time to get started with #reverb11. I hope to spend a few hours reading other people's posts and connecting with new reverbers.

Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend ahead? The following list of ideas, links, and creative weekend to-do’s are intended to inspire. Consider this a friendly reminder to seek out little delights and exceptional joys in the days ahead. I invite you to share your plans and creative to-do’s in the comments below!

mail a few sweet postcards shop for craft supplies for DIY holiday gifts discover a new place to find inspiration laugh, think & have your emotions moved to tears rise early on Sunday morning to enjoy moments of silence clean house, do laundry & cook something colorfully delicious celebrate a friend's 28th birthday with drinks recap this week's #reverb11 mini muses meet up with a friend for coffee practice yoga with at lululemon

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