Creative Weekend To-Do List

Stress is two forces moving in opposite directions. Sit still.
(Buddhist Proverb)

This weekend's agenda is simple and relaxing. I am craving alone time to gather inspiration and sit with my thoughts. After being on the go and juggling multiple projects, it's time to sit still.

Earlier today I enjoyed a shopping trip and sushi lunch with a girl friend, and now am cozily perched on my couch with a bunch of glossy magazines around. I plan to sip tea, watch a few DVR'd episodes of Oprah and simply relax.

Today has been a great start to this weekend. I hope the following list inspires you to create an extraordinarily joyful weekend of your own. Take a look and share your plans in the comments below.

begin reading New Moon
flip through vegan cookbooks
start looking for holiday gifts
delight in a Sunday afternoon yoga class
catch up on google reader
shop for new office decor on etsy

Image: Tamgutlich