#Reverb10 is Launched!


We are all cups, constantly & quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.
(Ray Bradbury)

Today is a truly exciting day. After weeks of collaboration and cooperation, a labor of love has launched. I am so delighted to work alongside @gwenbell & @caligater on such a heartfilled project. Check out www.reverb10.com to catch a glimpse of my joy.

Both women are talented luminaries, with a shared passion for the online community that's contagious.

If you are a fan of @gwenbell's, you might have participated in last year's #best09. The online event was a month-long success that had bloggers, writers and creative folk reflecting on their best moments in 2009.

#Reverb10 is an inspired response to #best09, and I open my arms in welcoming each of you to participate. Visit www.reverb10.com for the full scoop.

Registration begins on November 23, but you can tweet with us now to share in the excitement!

Image: William Moreland

#Reverb10Kaileen Sues