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Two Words for 2012 - Comfortable Boldness

There are many bloggers who name a word for their year. When I created my 12 Intentions for 2012, I was seeking something similar — a focus, a thread, a theme, to weave in and out and through my year. In 2010, my word was nurture. It was serendipity in 2011. As I started reading Style Statement, I came upon two words: my foundation and my creative edge...

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February Intentions

Happy February to you, my lovelies! I am so thrilled to begin a fresh month, especially since we get a bonus day on the 29th. How did your January shape up? I completed the Whole Living Action Plan as I intended and finished reading Style Statement. Thanks to those of you who shared your enthusiasm for the iPhone wallpaper I created with my January goals. I loved it so much...

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12 Books for 2012

The first few days of school were always my favorite, and I especially loved when instructors introduced the course syllabus. There was magic in having knowledge at my fingertips, with a map and experienced guide to show me the way. Life has been busy since graduating from college several years ago, and I often miss the discovery and excitement that comes from studying...

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