Warby Parker - Round 2

Warby Parker | kaileenelise.com - image via Warby Parker

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. (Rachel Zoe)

Hello, lovelies! Do you wear contacts or glasses? I wear my contacts every day, but there are times when glasses are the convenient and comfortable option. A few years ago I did my first round of Warby Parker home try-ons. I enjoyed the experience so much, I made a video and shared it with you.

When it was time to update my prescription, I first tried David Kind — imagine if Warby Parker and Stitch Fix had a baby. You complete a style profile, share a picture of you, and an eyewear stylist sends a selection of glasses for you to try-on at home. (Here's a good review that had me intrigued.) Unfortunately, I really did not like any of the glasses they sent... I was super bummed and forgot to snap pictures!

I still love my current Warby Parkers, but I have been craving a style update. So, I decided to order myself another round of home try-ons to see if any new styles suited my fancy. Warby Parker did not disappoint! Can you guess which ones I ordered?

Warby Parker | kaileenelise.com

1 - Linwood in striped chestnut 2 - Upton in oak barrel 3 - Sims in violet magnolia 4 - Ainsworth in walnut tortoise 5 - Wilkie in greystone 6 - Finn in amber*

My least favorites were #1 - Linwood and #5 - Wilkie because the edges were more boxy and pronounced. #4 - Ainsworth were too big for my taste. #2 - Upton and #3 - Sims were both great! I went back and forth between which to buy and would be very happy wearing either on a daily basis. Ultimately, I went with the Sims because I love the violet magnolia (you can really see the colors here).

If you need new glasses, or if you're looking for a style update, I recommend giving Warby Parker a try. My glasses were just $95 and I cannot wait to wear them!! I am hoping they arrive before we take off for Europe. Glasses are a must-wear on redeye flights.

*my current pair circa 2011, no longer available on the Warby Parker website.

Image via Warby Parker

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