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Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong. (Ella Fitzgerald)

I mentioned on Twitter that while working from home, I pretend podcast hosts are my mentors and Spotify + Pandora are my coworkers. I was sorta joking, but not really. It gets quiet around here and reality TV is not inspiring background noise.

I have been listening to podcasts for a long time. I remember listening to them while walking across campus in college. When we lived in North Carolina, I listened during my commute. Once I started working from home, I realized that I missed my podcasts dearly. So, now I listen on long walks, during my lunch break, and while cooking dinner.

Podcasts are a free and convenient way to learn, laugh and grow. iTunes and Stitcher have vast libraries, and you can also stream episodes directly from the publisher’s website. If you're new to the podcast game, the The New & Noteworthy and Top Podcasts lists on iTunes are great places to begin. Once you find a few you enjoy, look for similar shows in the section called, “Listeners also subscribed to...”

From the silly to serious, there is something for everyone. Some podcasts are interview-based and others are one, two, or a few people having a conversation. When I find a podcast I really like, I usually go back through the archives and listen from the first episode on.

Here are five great podcasts + my recent favorite episode from each:

The Joy the Baker Podcast iTunes | Stitcher

Joy Wilson from Joy the Baker and Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean are best friends and bloggers who host this hilariously chatty podcast. With a "real talk" approach, these ladies share their thoughts on random, yet relatable, topics including friendships, food, careers, blogging, dating, married life, and self-care.

Recent Fave: Joy & Tracy manage to talk about preparing for houseguests, making adult Jell-O shots, and stalking fitness Instagrammers in episode #120. It was laugh out loud funny and practical at the same time.

The Accidental Creative iTunes | Stitcher

Todd Henry, author and creativity guru, hosts this helpful podcast about thriving in the create-on-demand world. I have been listening to his podcast for years, but it's become even more relevant since launching my own business. Each episode offers expert advice on generating and executing brilliant ideas.

Recent Fave: Todd's interview with Ryan Holiday about Turning Obstacles into Opportunity is genius. This was my first introduction to Ryan Holiday, I just added his book to my Kindle and cannot wait to read it.

Elise Gets Crafty iTunes | Stitcher

I have been a long time reader of Elise's blog. Her style, creativity, and open nature make me want to get crafty. When she launched her podcast I knew I had to listen. Elise has a fearless, can-do attitude when it comes to business and blogging. Her interviews (and solo-podcasts) are filled with practical ideas and advice.

Recent Fave: In episode 16, Elise talks with Cortnee Loren Brown about thinking productively about your passions. This really resonated with me because it got me thinking about what my passions are, and how I can be more thoughtful about how I pursue them.

The Lively Show iTunes

Jess is another blogger I have followed for awhile. I even contributed to her Design Your Life series almost 5 years ago. The Lively Show features incredible interviews about living with intention. Jess is a fantastic host who asks questions that get to the heart of the matter.

Recent Fave: Jess had a very conversational and honest interview with Austin-based entrepreneur Noah Kagan. Noah shares some unique experiences he's faced (like getting fired from Facebook) and provides great insight on finding meaning in your career.

The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast iTunes

Sarah's podcast is a more recent discovery of mine, although I have since gone back and listened to all the episodes. Sarah is a mom, blogger, group fitness instructor, and recovering perfectionist. Her interviews with guests focus on overcoming perfectionist tendencies and embracing a B+ life.

Recent Fave: In podcast #18, Sarah interviewed Kyla Roma, a blogger and designer I have followed for awhile. Listening to their conversation felt like being privy to a real, genuine chat between girlfriends. I adore Kyle's approach to overcoming perfectionism.

Download these for podcast inspiration, or seek out ones that align with your interests. Don't see your favorite listed above? Take a moment to share other playlist-worthy podcasts in the comments below.

Image via Sascha Kohlmann on Flickr

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