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Delish Delights Kaileen Elise

We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other. (Ernest Hemingway)

Hello, lovelies. How was your weekend? I had a great trip to Arizona. There's nothing like a quick visit with family. It feels good to be back at home with my Mister, but we can't get too comfortable… we're heading to Ohio tomorrow for his sister's wedding. Can't wait to do a little celebrating!

Before we moved to Austin, my Mister and I usually cooked our own meals. I was a pretty strict vegetarian for a few years, and our schedules didn't always allow us to eat together. We grocery shopped with separate lists, but I would sometimes make a Sunday night meal for us to share.

In the last few months we've talked about our health and how we want to eat as a family. I started eating meat again, have been cooking tons, and am more conscious about what I order when I eat out. It's been fun to explore new restaurants here in Austin, and even better to have access to the most amazing Whole Foods I've ever seen.

Looking for new recipes and planning a week's worth of menus has become a definite hobby. Pinterest is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, along with blogs and cookbooks.

Tomorrow, I'll outline my approach to meal planning. I think it's simple enough, so hopefully you will find something useful in what I share. I'd also love to hear about your strategy if you have one!


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