Late Summer Playlist

Late Summer Playlist Kaileen Elise

Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. (Benjamin Franklin)

There's a lot of excitement online about the upcoming fall season, but it feels very much like summer in Austin. Even when it's cloudy, the daytime highs are still between 90 and 100. I'm hoping for stretches of sunshine in the coming weeks so my Mister and I can embrace these warm temps and find time to lounge poolside.

Things are going well around here. Last weekend was an awesome mix of productivity and play. We went shopping, watched lots of football, and checked out a new happy hour. I did some major cooking because we're traveling a lot over the next few weeks. Today we're checking out a possible wedding venue (fingers crossed!) and I'm heading to Arizona to visit family.

I have leftovers in the fridge and freezer burritos ready because I don't want my Mister to go hungry - or more likely, try various food trucks without me! I'm sure he's looking forward to golfing, researching stocks, watching more football, and doing other manly things all weekend long.

I'm eager to soak up snuggles and share stories, eat good food and drink tasty wine. I'm also excited (strange as it might be) to fly solo. Back in my single days, I was a confident traveler and I enjoyed going on adventures alone. These days, my Mister usually takes the lead when navigating airports and such. I love having him by my side, but I think this weekend apart will be refreshing for both of us!

Healthy snacks, magazines, and a solid playlist are my top creature comforts for travel. I'm pretty sure I'm in a middle seat for the flight to AZ, so headphones and music will be especially key. I created a playlist to go along with these late summer days - good for reading, laying by the pool, and taking a mid-flight nap. These are songs for people watching, daydreaming, and living the dream!

Late Summer Playlist / Kaileen Elise

Lift Off / Kanye West, JAY Z, Beyoncé Dark Doo Wop / MSMR Swept Away (Sentimental Version) / The Avett Brothers I Saw You in the Wild / Great Lake Swimmers Give Me Love / Ed Sheeran Lucky Now / Ryan Adams Within Dreams / The Album Leaf What Beats Within / Jenny Owen Youngs To Build a Home / The Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Patrick Watson) I Walked / Sufjan Stevens Monsters / Mree Something Like Olivia / John Mayer Easy To Love / Ivan & Alyosha Into the Sea / The Album Leaf Samskeyti (Acoustic) / Sigur Rós No Sound But the Wind / Editors

Listen to my Late Summer Playlist on Spotify. If you're looking for more tunes, check out this September Playlist from a fellow Austinite.

One more thing, have you found a replacement for Google Reader? I think Bloglovin is great. I have their app downloaded on both my iPhone & iPad, and  visit the site on my laptop. The interface is nice and it syncs across all your devices. Check it out and click here to follow!

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