Creative Weekend To-Do List

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{ Image :: Walking through leaves }

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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence. (Helen Keller)

Hello friends! I hope you've had a nice week. Mine has been a bit crazy, but in a busy/good sort of way. I know I said it before, but I seriously missed all of you. Diving back into blogging has made me such a happy camper.

Last night I stayed up too late catching up on my Google Reader. There are so many talented folks out there! If you're looking for new bloggers to follow, I highly recommend that you check out my Daily Reads. (Click over to the blog if you're in a Reader.)

On an unrelated note, the Mister's been out of town the past few days for an MBA stock pitch competition hosted by The Johnson School at Cornell. If you have some winning vibes to spare, please send them his way!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend ahead? I'm hoping to get a jumpstart on things by heading to Target and the grocery store after work tonight (something I usual leave to Sundays). If I'm feeling frisky, I might even get my laundry started.

The following list of ideas, links, and creative weekend to-do’s are intended to inspire. Consider this a friendly reminder to seek out little delights and exceptional joys in the days ahead. I invite you to share your plans and creative to-do’s in the comments below!

sign up for a goodreads account listen to this while cleaning the house get organized for 2012 with a stylish planner reflect on last month's favorite things do what it takes to follow your inner guide think about yourself from a different perspective get a new techcessory for iPhone or iPad add a new favorite blog to the list read, run & write for November Intentions

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Image Credit: Autumn. | Walking through leaves | Autumn Sunshine. via Eselle