Autumn Playlist

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To change your life: Start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions. (William Jones)

I love putting together playlists and listening to music throughout the day.

At the office, I put my headphones on when it's time to focus, tune in and get productive. I also use them to block out distractions when I'm blogging from the coffee shop. Right now I'm wearing Skullcandy 's 50/50 earbuds, which are very comfortable and a nice alternative to the standard-issue Apple headphones.

In addition to mixtape and playlist posts on other blogs, I use  Pandora and iTunes Genius Recommendations to discover new artists. While exploring songs for today's post, I ended up downloading Florence + The Machine's new album Ceremonials and Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto. Have you listened to either? I think I like F+TM's better, but they are both pretty good.

The Autumn Playlist below is a perfect blend of mellow songs for a chilly day. I plan on listening to it while blogging, working through my emails at work, and folding laundry this weekend. All the links lead to iTunes, so head over and have a listen. I hope you enjoy!

{ Image :: Autumn Playlist }

Rude to Rile / Horse Feathers Her Morning Elegance / The Opposite Side of the Sea Broadripple is Burning / Margot and The Nuclear So & So's Paperweight / Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk Lost Coastlines / Okkervil River Brooklyn Blurs / The Paper Raincoat A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall / Jason Mraz Pancho Villa / Sun Kil Moon Poison & Wine / The Civil Wars Why You / Joe Purdy Run / Matt Nathanson feat. Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush Oh, La / Ra Ra Riot Swans / Unckle Bob Loro / Pinback Rooms / Mia and Jonah Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell On You) / Aqualung

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