10 Websites I Adore

Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow.
(Peter McWilliams)

Hello lovelies! How is your week going so far? With the holiday on Monday, mine seems to be flying by at record pace. I can't believe Friday marks my 1-Year Blogiversary. Crazy times.

Throughout the past year, I've cultivated a list of websites that I visit often. These web-resources make my days brighter, more efficient and full of sparkle. Take a look, and let me know if I'm missing any that you adore!

  1. bit.ly - my link shortener of choice, love the stats

  2. Epicurious - go-to site for recipes & menus

  3. Etsy - a site full of inspiration

  4. Flickr - the creative commons search is a goldmine

  5. Google Reader - some people watch the news, I read blogs

  6. InterfaceLIFT - perfect desktop and mobile wallpapers

  7. Mint - personal finance, tracked in pretty graphics

  8. Pandora Radio - a brilliant resource to find new music

  9. Twitter - my favorite social web

  10. We Heart It - an evolving catalog of beautiful images