Action Item: Refurbish a Routine

cup of tea

A habit is a frozen interpretation from the past that is applied to the present. (Deepak Chopra)

I recently updated some of my sidebar buttons and added a little area for sponsors. The project took a bit longer than I was expecting, but I felt like the mini-renovation was worth it. It had been awhile since I touched the look and feel of my blog—and I seemed to revisit my original work with fresh eyes.

Some buttons needed an update, others needed to link to new web addresses, and a few just needed to go down for good. Going through the process, I started to think about how important it is to revisit things from time to time.

Habits are created through repetitive action—from brushing our teeth to answering the phone, there's a script that we often follow throughout our days. Even the most spontaneous people I know have many habitual ways about them.

A lot of it is for our own good.

I drink my coffee and tea cautiously because I've burned my mouth so many times in the past. My drive to work is down certain streets because there's less traffic than the other ways I've tested. I wear my gray slacks, cute flats, a violet blouse and pale purple cardigan on days when I can't find anything to wear because it's a comfortable outfit that looks great.

Just like my sidebar buttons, there are some habits in need of an upgrade.

I let my car run too close to empty. I snack on junkfood when I'm anxious. I waste energy worrying about things that haven't happened. I spend too much time looking for the perfect photo for blog posts. I procrastinate putting things in the mail. I tell people their birthday & Christmas presents before they've unwrapped them.

For the next few weeks, I plan on taking note of routines that are in need of refurbishing. I'll let you know what happens when I start to examine my habits—and I would love to hear about it if you decide to do the same!

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image credit: weheartit