Joy Diet Rebellion - Week Nine


The greatest expression of rebellion is joy.
(Joss Whedon)

This week's Joy Diet chapter is all about Laughter. Instead of reading ahead of time and applying Martha Beck's concepts to my daily routine, I carried the book around in my purse—unopened all week.

I find this to be an ironic act of rebellion in light of my recent admission. It seems as though avoiding a chapter about laughter is as logical as turning down a hot fudge sundae. It is a divine, delicious treat that always feels good!

I've decided to cut myself a little slack, understanding that I would never turn down a hot fudge sundae unless I had a very good reason. Lately I have been a busy bee, feeding my creative spirit with plenty of joy.

That's really the point of all this—to absorb, to develop, to grow. Week after week, I am practicing a positively personal rebellion and subtly adapting Beck's practices to fit my life.

It's working. I am making this journey mine.

Thanks again to those of you who have helped me stand up and fight against my preconceived notions of how I am supposed to do this.

I am learning to live with joy. Although I ignored laughter this week, I have promised myself I will giggle extra hard this weekend—and catch up on my reading!