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Connected: The Joy Diet - Week Ten

The tiny discoveries and slight shifts in behavior from reading this book are not significant or profound, but I hope they endure the tests of time. As we finish the book and our journey together, my deepest hope is not that Beck's words stay with us, but that we are able to carry our friendships and connections with us on journeys to come...

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Let's Play: The Joy Diet - Week Eight

In my last post, I revealed my goals for November and mentioned I have struggled to make it to yoga class. Lauren admitted she has been facing the same challenge, even though we both call ourselves yoginis. The big question that comes to mind is, "why do I avoid the things I know are good for me?" If I am brutally honest with myself…

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Thoughts on Nothing: The Joy Diet – Week Two

Before I finished reading this chapter, I assumed I knew the meaning of nothing. On the first few pages I found Martha Beck’s words, “…doing just about anything is preferable to doing nothing,” and convinced myself that I was destined for defeat – doomed to a week of 15-minute sections of required silence. This is the problem with assumptions.

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