iPhone Woes / Instagram Loves

iPhone Woes / Instagram Loves - image via Unsplash | kaileenelise.com

An unshared life is not living. He who shares does not lessen, but greatens, his life. (Stephen S. Wise)

Earlier this summer, my beloved iPhone 5 stopped working. I really wanted to replace it, but I had a functional iPhone 4 hiding in my junk drawer, so I'm using that instead. The technology updates from the 4 to 5 were significant. The camera on the 5 is way better and the phone is much faster. I feel like I shouldn't care, but I cannot wait for the new iPhone to come out. Does this make me a total technology diva? Ugh, maybe.

When I first started using the iPhone 4 again, I had this crazy idea to strip the phone down to the very basics. I deleted all my apps and did not connect any email accounts. My plan was to use it as a phone and texting device, nothing else. That did not last long. I missed Instagram and my other favorite apps too much.

On Instagram I follow a mix of real-life friends, bloggers I have "known" for years, and total strangers. Every time I scroll through the photos, I find inspiration. Here are five of my Instagram loves lately:

@elisejoy - it's so fun to follow Elise (and her baby girl!) on their daily adventures @kellypurkey - what's not to love about gorgeous photos from a blogger living in Paris? @megangilger - stunning and simple photos from The Fresh Exchange founder @tracyshutterbean - my food-blogger crush shares the sweetest little details of her life @ashleytia - this girl's pics and beauty videos are full of pretty inspiration

Do you have favorite people to follow? Are we following each other?

Image via Death to the Stock Photo