Wedding Countdown - 5 Months!

Engagements by Taylor Lord|

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. (C.S. Lewis)

The wedding countdown is in full force! My Mister and I are getting married in 5 months + 3 days and time is flying by! We got engaged over a year ago, but the word fiancé still feels weird. We're both ready to drop that title for Mr. & Mrs.

Let's talk wedding planning...

There are several things I was not expecting, mostly from within my own brain.

I was never the kind of girl who dreamed about her wedding. I never thought about what kind of ring I wanted or who I'd ask to be in my bridal party. Instead, I dreamed about love and marriage and family, but not the ceremony, party or planning leading up to them. Fast forward to today and it's all I think about!

So, the unexpected thoughts have been plenty. I never knew how much I would care about tiny details or how much consideration I would put into selecting each vendor. I did not expect my Mister to have certain opinions (although I love it when he shares them!) and I was not anticipating some of the preferences I would have myself.

[Tweet "This process has taught me that while anything can feel like a big deal, most things are not."]

Fortunately, most of the major decisions are behind us. We have amazing, talented wedding planners/designers leading the way. Our venue, officiant, caterer, DJ, photographer, and videographer are booked. My dress is on order, and my hair & makeup are situated. Our bachelorette & bachelor parties are behind us. Our wedding website is live. And our save the dates are on our friends' and families' refrigerators across the country!

In the past few months my inner control freak has lost her cool.

There are so many things that she's worried could go wrong! I've had to battle her tirades with logic and love. It helps to remember why we're planning this party — to celebrate the love and life we are building together.

After 3 moves and 6 years, we're on our way to becoming husband and wife!

There's still plenty of planning to do, but we're getting to all the fun stuff. Design, decor, rentals, and sparkly lights. Songs to select, vows to write. Rings to buy and tuxes to pick out. Favors to decide on and a cake to design. A honeymoon to plan and thank-you cards to buy.

I'm looking forward to our big day when I realize we are actually married...

Until then, I will be trying to calm my inner control freak with lots of yoga. Oh, and making up for all those years when I didn't dream about my wedding by staying busy on Pinterest!

Image via Taylor Lord