Good Eats & Gratitude – #WLActionPlan Week 2

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Belief in yourself and in the possibility of success is the most important requirement for living an extraordinary life. Believe in belief. Believe in yourself and the best of the world will come to you, and you will be prepared to receive it. Don't sell yourself short. You do not require permission to be extraordinary. (Richard Quick)

Hello, lovelies! I hope you've had a delightful weekend. Thanks so much to those of you who left helpful and supportive comments on my last few posts. It's great to know that I'm not the only one craving solitude in January.

Since starting the Whole Living Action Plan last week, I've noticed how seldom I acknowledge daily victories. Small, quiet steps go ignored while I look towards the finish line and hold off on uncorking the metaphoric bubbly. Do you struggle with the same? Tiny triumphs are critical building blocks—each one a glittering, golden brick worth celebrating.

"You can do this. You are doing this," I remind myself over and over. Changing patterns, adjusting priorities, and establishing new habits can be disorienting. Until we are practiced and comfortable in our new way of doing things, the old way just feels best. Maybe that's one reason why so many people drop the ball on their resolutions.

I've held onto my intentions and stuck with the #WLActionPlan through this week, but not without sacrifice. I'm laying low and spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And even though the alarm goes off at 5 am, I'm not relying on 3 cups of coffee and 2 shots of espresso to get me through the day. When my energy dips around 3 pm, I am no longer leaning on a bag of mini M&Ms to revive me.

Instead, I'm drinking tons of water and herbal DAVIDsTEA (which I love!) and snacking on kale chips or pomegranate seeds. A change is unfolding. I feel vibrant, happy and connected. This week I got back to working out, with 4 days of Barre3's DVD in the mornings before work and 3.5 miles run/walk on Saturday. This morning, I went to the lululemon store in Raleigh for a goal-setting session followed by a complimentary yoga class.

Changing my priorities has meant less time with my Mister—and certainly less time for flipping through magazines, painting my nails, and general lounging around. The upside is that I'm in a much better mood and am excited (instead of feeling guilty) when I do find some time to chill.

Week #2 Highlights:

  • Listening to my body. This process has brought me a new level of awareness when it comes to hunger and mood. I'm learning to cope with the ups and downs of the day without sugary snacks or surges of caffeine.
  • Getting a new package from DAVIDsTEA in the mail! So far my favorites are Forever Nuts, Licorice Twist, Jessie's Tea and Organic Peppermint Amour.
  • Losing a little weight. The number on the scale has dropped some and my clothes are starting to feel a bit too big... I can see a shopping trip for new jeans in my future.
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I bought Mindy Kaling's audiobook to listen to on my commute (she reads it herself—so cool!). It's funny, inspiring and down-to-earth.

Favorite Meals:

I'm grateful to be in a place (emotionally, financially and otherwise) that allows me to pursue these dietary and fitness changes. Just a few months ago, this would have been too much to take on. It's as if the stage was set and ready for me to step up. It's an incredible feeling. Even though I think I could do this on my own, my Mister has been a huge help. He even got up with me this morning to hit up Whole Foods at 7 am so I could get all my grocery shopping done before yoga (I'm a slow shopper and he helps me stay on task).

I'm looking forward to seeing where week #3 will take me. I hope you find yourself happy, healthy and fulfilled this week. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, I recommend doing something that lights you up. Go to a local tea shop, buy an inspiring magazine, get a manicure, or do some yoga. I'll be working to do the same!

Image Credit: 164 / 365 - I've got the brightest star you'll ever find via Noukka Signe