Creative Weekend To-Do List

Football in Grass

Rack 'Em

Lightly Grilled Asparagus

Celebrate summer—sun-drenched days and starlit nights. (Gooseberry Patch)

Happy weekend to you, my friends. What do you have planned for the days ahead? I'm looking forward to taking full-advantage of the three day weekend with a mix of fun, productive and creative things on my list.

It looks like the weather's going to cooperate here in Chapel Hill for today's football game. The Mister and I are attending our first tailgate of the season, and are really looking forward to connecting with some new B-School friends. Go Heels!

My 2nd blogiversary is just around the corner—1 week from today. I'm overjoyed with the response I have received so far. If you've emailed about providing a giveaway item or participating in future guest posts, I hope to follow up with you over the weekend. Please know that everyone's invited to the celebration. Bring your party hat, streamers and favorite tunes to the party.

The following creative to-do’s are intended to inspire happy weekends. Consider this a friendly tap—or slight tug—towards exploring little delights and exceptional joys this weekend. I invite you to share your creative to-do's in the comments!

Paint nails & watch an old favorite like Eat, Pray Love. Order a new wallet & laptop cover. Light a candle, pour some wine & catch up on emails. Find a journal for a new top secret project. Cheer for the Ohio State Buckeyes & UNC Tarheels. Play on Pinterest & pick up finishing touches at Ikea. Blog & plan for the upcoming Sparkle Swap. Watch Bravo on demand while folding laundry. Relax & enjoy the extra day off on Monday.

Image Credits: Football in Grass via Jayel Aheram // Rack 'Em via Yogma // Lightly Grilled Asparagus via woodleywonderworks