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Cherry Pie, in a Jar

If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney)

Happy Wednesday, my friends. Are you feeling all the good ju ju and positivity this week? If you are in need of a little extra sparkle, check out last week's Truth, Love & Insight feature with Kelsey Brown. Today's interview with Lisa Thiele will also have you smiling. I initially connected with Lisa through her pretty blog With Style & Grace. Shortly after swooning over her gorgeous photography and sweet words, I began following her tweets and pins. A little more about Lisa, in her own words:

I’m a food stylist and photographer. I’m constantly testing and creating healthy [and some not so healthy] recipes. After a year of being gluten-free, I also help others adapt recipes, provide allergy-free alternatives and give tips on how to entertain, gluten-free. I grew up in a family that loves good food [& wine] and entertaining and well, it stuck.

I married a [very handsome] man who also loves food. He discovered his love at an early age; taking classes before he was 18 and then earning a degree in hospitality. The two of us together kick ass in the kitchen. Literally and figuratively.

I love to travel, run with music, drink champagne, wear fancy shoes and enjoy good food with great company.

With Style and Grace is a lifestyle and food blog, inspiring beauty in everyday lives.

Lisa Profile Pic

1. How did your blog get started?

I was working [endless hours] in the world of advertising when I had a big health scare that landed me in the hospital. Shortly before all that, I had started a blog as a creative outlet; it was my happy place, pulling beautiful content from around the web. As I worked to rebuild my strength I decided it was time to create and share my own content. I [quickly] jumped into the kitchen and began baking and cooking, the two things that I loved to do! My mom offered me her camera, that way I could share my delicious masterpieces with the world and the next thing I knew [1 year later], I was being offered jobs as a food photographer, recipe creator/tester and referred to as the “gluten-free entertaining” expert.

2. What motivates you to continue sharing your story with the web?

My readers. Whether it’s emails, comments on my blog, response to a tweet or sharing pictures of their take on one of my recipes – I’m touched by every response I receive, motivating me to continue to follow my passion.

Zucchini Pasta with Chickpeas & Basil

3. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself as a budding blogger?

Follow your passion. Make room for mistakes. Dream big. Truly, good things will come to you.

4. If you could go forward in time, what is one question you would like to ask yourself? How do you imagine you might answer it?

Question: Do you still wake up excited to go to work? Answer: Everyday.

Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa with a Fried Egg

5. What are your favorite creative resources?

Farmers Markets. Blogs. Cookbooks.

6. Who inspires you online? Offline?

My husband and my family inspire, love and support me – everyday. I hope, in some capacity, I can pass that onto you.

Brownies + Thin Mints

7. How do you make every day an extraordinary adventure?

I try and start each day with an intention, and remind myself that the possibilities are endless.

Images via Lisa Thiele