Unread Items

JazzIt's not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote to the time that counts. (Dan Zadra)

I am an explorer, a collector. I pay attention to the ideas, people, places and things I'm attracted to. I find inspiration in nooks and crannies. Revelations come in surprise packages and obvious encounters.

My habits include collecting dreams the way some gather seashells, coveting too many books, subscribing to countless blogs, and buying more magazines than I care to read. All in the name of inspiration.

I believe in surrounding myself with creative genius. I am awestruck by the way others string words together so eloquently, capture moments so beautifully, and develop products that solve problems so effortlessly.

It is in admiring the gifts of others that I begin to acknowledge my unique brilliance.

Image Credit: Jazz via Daniel Zedda