The Anchor


Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others. (William Arthur Ward)

Breathe deep. The Mister and I are in the final stretch of some major personal challenges. Friday could not come sooner. Until then, we wait patiently. Love each other a little extra. Rest. Believe in better things that are just around the corner.

Trust the process. The next few months will bring shifting seasons. The Mister will begin his pursuit of an MBA in finance. I will dive back into yoga, running & healthy eating. We will slip into a new rhythm together.

Make something. I'm starting to see how the new place can become a cozy home for the next few years. It's a great space with high ceilings, wood floors and more than enough room for two. We have a beautiful Ikea bookcase on order. I'm dreaming of it filled with new books.

Ask for help. When I mentioned I was seeking guest bloggers, I was delighted with the response. Taylor's tasty recipes are mouthwatering, Jenn's balanced approach is inspiring, and Caiti's creative insights have me eager to explore my new town. There are more guest posts on the horizon, so keep a lookout—or email me if you're interested in guesting these next few weeks!

Find time for laughter. Living amongst chaos is disorienting, but laughter offers momentary amnesia. The Mister and I have found relief in watching funny movies. Cedar Rapids and Horrible Bosses were both surprising saving graces.

Believe in love. I took off last Thursday & Friday to spend time with family at a nearby lake. Waking up on the water brought peace to my heart. Being surrounded by love, snuggles and sweet kisses grounded me in a way I didn't expect.

Celebrate joy. This past weekend, the Mister and I found ourselves in the midst of our 3 year anniversary. It was unexpected, just like many things this summer. We tried out a restaurant that's close to our new home. It was a sweet, easy & simple celebration.

Image Credit: Original Paper Cut Quote via mrYen