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Look Through

Insight, I believe, refers to the depth of understanding that comes by setting experiences, yours and mine, familiar and exotic, new and old, side by side, learning by letting them speak to one another. (Mary Catherine Bateson)

Do you ever stop and think about what it would be like if all us — bloggers, blog readers and other online adventurers — lived in the same neighborhood?

We could meet up at the coffee shop. We would bump into each other at the grocery store. We would go shopping, decorate our homes and play with make up together. We'd borrow each other's books, share music and cook meals together. When someone new moved in, we would have a big block party to welcome them.

In a lot of ways, the web is like a big city with many different neighborhoods. I've referred to (and heard others call it) this community. That's what it is, isn't it? A lovely, welcoming and inspiring community.

Sometimes if you feel like you're on the outside, it is hard to know how accessible the entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, artists, musicians and muses who frequent our community really are. It has been my experience that a few wholehearted tweets and well-worded emails can take you far in connecting with some truly amazing people, some of whom may be your heros.

I'm kicking off a new series, similar to Sparklista Sundays if you were a reader back then. The idea is to bring us a little closer to meeting 'round a table with delicious cups of coffee on hand. My first interview is with the truly inspiring Tara Gentile. Check out her site and come back next Wednesday to read her rock star insights.

Now, I have a huge favor to ask of you my dear friends. Who do you want me to interview for future Truth, Love & Insight interviews? I am eager to connect with those heros, entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, artists, musicians and muses I mentioned earlier.

Let me know if you have an inside connection — or if there's someone you've been dreaming to learn more about!

Image Credit: Untitled by Hillary Boles