Seven Years

soak up sunshine

Life is not easy for any of us, but what of that? We must have perseverance. (Marie Curie)

She writes in a pretty red notebook with red painted nails. Sipping mint tea next to her Mister, lovingly tinkering with her MacBook Air. Her cheeks grow red in the warm sunshine.

A few days ago she ran 10 miles, nearly. There was a point when she stopped to walk. A few points, actually. Towards the very end when her body was tired. I don't know what she was thinking about, but it seemed like she was trying to be fair. Trying to be kind. Trying to be sweet to her body.

That body has given her so much, a point she rarely acknowledges. That body taught her so many lessons. It helped get her a swimming scholarship to a Division I school. It took her around the nation. It introduced her to teachers, mentors, coaches and friends. It was there for her.

Sure, dedication and drive played a part. In fact, they were key ingredients and they are used to the limelight. They get all the credit. But, even when drive and dedication falter, her body is still with her. Her breath still expands her lungs. Her veins pump warmth throughout her body. Her heart beats, giving her courage.

She turned her back on that glorious body seven years ago. When she hung up her cap and googles, she unplugged the deepest connection she had ever felt. From time to time since, she has practiced yoga. Connected in waves, in pieces. Moments on the mat, in the silence and stillness of savasana.

After seven years she is patiently reconnecting. Recognizing her body's knowledge. Its importance. Its love and unwavering faith in her. She is living in gratitude. Keeping focused on the greater meaning and the minuscule details. She is honoring her body, being patient with it. Giving it another seven years to catch up.


Image Credit: Soak Up Sunshine via WeHeartIt