Soothing Sunday Overwhelm


The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.
(Sydney J. Harris)

Sunday Overwhelm usually strikes in the mid-afternoon — right around the time when I realize that my alarm is set at 6:00 am the next day, and the hustle and bustle of another week is just around the corner.

The magic of creative weekends is replaced with stress. I worry about to-do's usually ignored and left to the last hour — laundry, grocery shopping and paying bills.

Today, I find myself  on the brink of a Sunday pity party. It's be a lovely & quiet weekend filled with snuggling, coffee and productive moments online—and yet, I can hear that little voice inside starting to pitch a fit about dressing up in work clothes tomorrow morning.

I'd like to approach my Sunday afternoons with grace, and accept this time as an important part of my week that helps the rest of my days flow smoothly. Today my goal is to smile, breathe and practice some seriously positive self-talk as I get ready for another week.

Do you suffer from Sunday Overwhelm? Have you found ways to sooth the pangs of annoying agenda items in your life? I would love your thoughts and suggestions on the topic, as it's been an area of challenge for me this summer.

Image: Arzu Cengiz