7 Things I Miss From College

Tell me, what is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
(Mary Oliver)

Living down the street from a major university makes it hard to miss when school's back in session. The roads are a bit more packed during the morning hustle, the weekend bar scene is brimming with fresh faces, and the grocery store is full of kiddos buying Ramen and Gatorade.

It's hard to believe that 7 years ago, my parents dropped me off at UNLV's freshman dorms for what would become the most formative years of my life. Looking back, I'm sure they were both proud and petrified that I earned a swimming scholarship in Sin City.

The years I spent as a Running Rebel have influenced the life I live today in so many ways — I know that I'll carry the friendships and memories (and credit card debt!) from those days with me for years to come.

The following list highlights some things I miss as I watch a new batch of freshman unknowingly begin the greatest time of their lives...

The freedom to build a class schedule that works for me.

Getting wrapped up in deep conversations on life, faith, and big ideas.

Working through the rhythm of each new semester with weeks off in between.

Connecting with interesting professors who's life work is to educate others.

Dwelling in small living quarters and owning minimal belongings.

Participating in community, joining clubs and crashing events with free food.

Believing in unlimited possibilities & thinking that growing up is far off in the future.

Reminiscing about the glory of my college years makes me grateful for the journey I've traveled. What do you miss from your 'way back when' days?