A Return to RL


It is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply be.
(Eileen Caddy)

Well hello there my lovely friends! I have missed you dearly. On Friday my mister and I scooted out of town without saying a proper goodbye to the interwebs.

My plan was to sneak away to a beach weekend and focus on blogging. Return to my creative passion. Journal a bit. Hide in the quiet peace of vacation and create some killer content. Discover new Twitter friends. Unearth connections and rekindle web-friendships that have wilted away.

Instead, we arrived on the doorstep of a spacious summer house with no internet and limited cell reception. I let my iPhone's battery die and kept my laptop stashed in my bag. We played cards, drank plenty of wine and swam in the ocean.

Last night we came home with sunburns and bug bites—gentle reminders of our extended weekend away. The comfort and joy of time with family has settled deep into my heart. I'm grateful for my unintentional digital sabbatical, but I am also looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs, podcats and tweets.

Photo: Thomas Hawk