Hide & Seek

When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity.
(Linda Naiman)

I am so grateful that summer has arrived. I love how my heart warms as the temperatures rise. There is magic in poolside parties, friendly barbecues and late night walks. Even a good thunderstorm awakens joy in my soul. With the long weekend ahead, I find myself looking out the window at the office (just like a little girl who wants to go play outside). It is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little summer fun.

Things have begun to settle at work. I've been with my new company for 15 weeks and I no longer feel like the new kid on the block. It took awhile to get adjusted to a different way of doing things, but new habits are beginning to form.

As I continue to play hide and seek with blogging, life speeds along at record pace. I feel so alive when I'm sitting at Starbucks, typing away on my laptop — and I miss being actively engaged in conversations with you through our emails, tweets and blog comments. It's only a matter of time before I'm back into a routine of reading, writing, connecting and blogging. I can feel it in my bones.

My darling Beetle has had a few hiccups lately, and I have begun to consider purchasing a new car. I heard once that a person's values are revealed in the way they spend their money. While I have paid good money to fix my car, I don't exactly value a product that is in need of constant repair.

I'm a Mac user, an iPhone addict, an IKEA fangirl, and Target shopper for life. I value smart designs, neat packaging and effective uses of space. I get excited about ingenious innovations like Apple's MagSafe power connector and healthy & yummy treats like Larabars. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want a cute, functional, safe and reliable car that is fun to drive and fits in with my aesthetic. Is that too much to ask?

Photo: edenpictures