A New Perspective

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
(Anaïs Nin)

Do you ever find yourself in need of a fresh perspective?

Do you seek wisdom from mentors or pursue truth in solitude? Do you reorganize, make lists, categorize and work from the bottom up? Do you walk away for a breath of fresh air? Do you make yourself a cup of tea? Do you bounce ideas off of a friend? Do you write in your journal or paint in your notebook?

It seems that sometimes a new perspective is all we need to unlock creativity, solve a mystery, or answer a puzzling question. Yet I find myself slowly realizing that a step back is the remedy to my challenges. During the last few months, I've shared moments in my struggle to establish priorities and intentions, I have been upfront about the pace life has set for me lately, and clearly I have been in need of a new perspective.

From the start of this new year, I have cursed my busy to-do lists and overflowing inbox. I have cringed at my mismanagement of time and my eager desire to do more than is necessary. Somehow though my bellyaching and complaining, I stopped reading other blogs, connecting with my readers and finding gratitude in the small, quiet moments that make life so beautiful.

This month my goal is to seek a fresh perspective in my everyday life.

To rediscover my inner artist, adventurer and sparklista. To stop making excuses and to begin with doing what I can. To shed a new light on my creativity and curiosity. To connect, inspire, nurture and grow.