Signature Style in 2010


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
(Coco Chanel)

A few years ago, a friend recommended I check out a podcast called Hip Tranquil Chick. She thought I might like it since we were both taking yoga classes and trying to infuse the things we were learning into our daily lives.

There was no way either one of us could have guessed that a wave of inspiration would break from her simple suggestion.

It's funny how life works out that way.

As the months passed, I read Kimberly Wilson's first book and her blog. I listened to every podcast she put out and even worked my way through all the archives on iTunes.

When I started my blog back in September, I thought about Kimberly and all that she has accomplished. I remembered how she broke free from her 9-5 by starting a yoga studio out of her apartment. I wondered if she ever felt like I did—on the brink of something so exciting, yet so scary.

In October I learned that Kimberly was looking for guest bloggers—to help alleviate some of the workload she had taken on since beginning a master's program in social work. I was excited and scared, but I applied anyway and hoped for the best.

Earlier this week, she unveiled the guest blogger team and placed me amongst a group of talented writers, artists and entrepreneurs. It is really quite surprising to be in such inspiring company.

Starting January 6, every Wednesday you can find me over at Tranquility du Jour musing on all things stylish—from trendy accessories and classic must-haves, to apartment decor and sassy stationery. Please visit me over there and let me know if there's something about your signature style that you're dying to explore…

photo credit: Coco Before Chanel