Design Your Life

All that counts in life is intention.
(Andrea Bocelli)

A few weeks ago, Jess LC asked if I was interested in being interviewed for her weekly Design Your Life series. I said yes immediately, with the excitement and nerves that accompany new opportunities.

I'm usually quick to answer questions and share my opinions. I think that's why writing blog posts comes naturally—it's a super fun way for me to express my creative musings and opinionated thoughts.

But after checking out her DYL archives, I became incredibly intimidated by the ladies Jess LC has interviewed in the past. I read coco+kelly, modish, heart of light and jessicagonachaswift's blog regularly—and to think about being featured along with these women was overwhelming.

I procrastinated and worried way more than necessary before finally sitting down to consider the intentions that help me design my life:

wake up with a smile

find inspiration everywhere

enjoy simple moments

love with heart

put myself on 'the list'

believe in the extraordinary

After seeing my interview live on Jess LC's blog, I remembered one other thought to add to the list...

we all have to start somewhere

This blog, a curious little project that has taken on a life of its own, is almost 4 months old. By most measures, I'm still getting started. Learning my style, getting to know you, discovering my passions. We have covered a lot of ground together.

Thank you for walking beside me and teaching me what it means to be part of a community full of love, sparkle and creativity.