Everyday Sunshine


It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.
(Paulo Coelho)

When the middle of the week hits, I sometimes find it hard to break through the grind. Two things that really help me are enjoying small treats and having creative projects to work on. There are a number of things that make me smile even on my cloudiest days—here are a few.

Delectable Treats

  • Rachel's Lowfat Yogurt—I adore eating this yogurt. Each bite is a tiny gift. If you have a dairy-friendly tummy, you should keep an eye out for these at your local grocery store. Also, check out their website for valuable nutrition information as well as recipes for each delicious flavor.

  • Peach Oo-La-Long Tea—Ever since I discovered the quotes printed on the caps of their bottles, I have been a fan of Honest Tea. My love for their tea has reached a new height now that they offer convenient and eco-friendly 64oz bottles!

  • LaCroix Sparking Water—The completely stylish Chelsea Bea from Pencil Skirts & Pearls recommended I give these flavored sparkling waters a try when she heard I gave up coffee. They are a delicious diversion from the pangs of my mocha addiction.

Creative Projects

  • Autumn Swap—The lovely Sofia from Etre Soi is facilitating a festive treat swap between bloggers. We received our swap partner's information and have until the end of the month to send our packages. Let the creative gifting begin!

  • Papaya's Creative Challenge—Speaking of creative gifting, have you made it to Papaya's blog lately? I am participating in their first ever creative challenge. The idea is to use their gift wrapping products to wrap a treat for a friend and document the process. The winner wins a Papaya Luxe Tote bag!

  • Kimberly Wilson's guest blogger request—I cannot wait to submit my "application" for this wonderful opportunity.

I plan on sharing a few more of my small delights over the next few weeks, so please tell me—are there parts of your day that could use a bit more sunshine?

photo credit: Vince Alongi on Flickr