I started KaileenElise.com in 2009 when I was working my first office job and craving a creative outlet. My intention was to spread my creative limbs, travel through time, discover my inner artist, and pursue a more authentic life.

I live in sunny Austin, Texas with my fiancé… we tie the knot in November! I gather inspiration and write to-do lists. I consider myself a flexitarian, experimental home cook, and occasional foodie who loves coffee & tea. I am former collegiate swimmer, reluctant runner, and avid yogini.

I graduated cum laude from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas with a degree in Education. In 2007, I moved to San Francisco to pursue an opportunity in software sales. My competitive nature and penchant for helping others led to a six-year stint in corporate recruiting. In that time, I hired over 400 employees for high-growth startups.

Connecting online has become a true passion over the years. In 2010, I helped lead an end-of-year blogging project that grew from zero to over 4,000 participants in one month. In 2014, I launched HappyLiving.com with one mission in mind – to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time.

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