Thanksgiving Dinner for Two


Once, there was this day…this one day when…
everyone realized they needed each other.
(April Burns in Pieces of April)

I have rather elaborate plans for Thanksgiving considering it will only be my mister and me. With our families scattered across the country, it made sense to stay put again.

Last year we cooked our first turkey together. It came out perfectly, despite our trepidation. Because it’s his favorite holiday, I spared no expense to make it special.

My intentions are the same—to cook in my PJs and enjoy the smells of familiar foods in my kitchen. We might not be surrounded by family, but we’ll have each other.

I am confident we will be able to pull off the menu below. We might be eating leftovers until Christmas and I’m really ok with that!

Breakfast in Bed:
eggs, bacon, hash-browns and blueberry-sour cream muffins

Game-time Lunch:
deviled eggs and salami with sharp cheddar sandwiches

Dinner Feast:
turkey, his grandma’s green beans, mashed potatoes, my great-grandma’s stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, corn, lots of turkey gravy

Delicious Dessert:
chocolate caramel-nut cheesecake

photo credit: Pieces of April

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