Can You Define Success?


Success Is…
by John Follis

To have the ways, means, time and guts to choose and follow my own path.

To dissolve the line between who I am and what I “do.”

To make decisions based not on fear, guilt, money or politics
but rather what truly feels right.

To have much love, passion and fun in my life.

To be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

To have enthusiasm when I wake up, and peace of mind when I go to bed.

To use my unique gifts in a way that makes a positive difference in many peoples’ lives.

To inspire and motivate others.

To be able to make people laugh—including myself.

To know that I’m on the right path and not alone in my journey.

To live with the understanding that “getting there” isn’t half the fun, it’s most of it.

To make the most with what I’ve been given.

To take advantage of every opportunity and face every fear.

To live having true friends and die having no regrets.

To be able to experience death not as a “grim reaper”,
but rather as a welcomed sleep after a good, long day.

I read this quote on an adorable blog called Moose Tea Party. The author’s words made me wonder why I have never taken time to write my own definition of success. There are many days when I wake up and head out into the world, pursuing a destination that I have yet to define—and I am certain I’m not the only one.

Will our lives change if we define success for ourselves? Will new opportunities arise? Will we associate with different people? Will we be happier? Will the sun shine brighter?

I am almost certain the answer is yes to all of the above—and I am eager to map out my own definition. Please share your thoughts, what does success mean to you?

photo credit: Andrea from Superhero Journal

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